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it was an on and off thing in which I’d take a break for months, sometimes years.

There was a time back in Seattle when it was slightly less gentrified and the Goth and Industrial Communities had clubs that engaged in competition with each other, maybe that’s the only reason The Mercury staff and whoever was running it at the time bothered to do anything about creepers and sex pests.

They don’t anymore. It’s not the only reason I’m done with that place, but I will keep those reasons private.

But it’s painful to think about how little they care anymore, and to watch threads on their FaceBook Group argue over the very real sex pest problems, full of neckbeards and selfishly  indifferent club managers about these fucking safety hazards.
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But if all you do is make half hour Goth Haul informercials then you are a waste of my time and the Goth Community’s.
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Don’t expect them to have plenty of apps, much less professional ones.

Haiku OS, a BeOS Clone

Icaros, an Amiga Desktop clone for 64 bit x86 computers

Redox OS



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There’s some things I will nitpick about the Introduction later, but the Penn State University Press edition is a better quality translation than Greer/Warnock. 
I’m also going to say that Llewelyn publishing has improved enough in its Grimoire revival game that if they had Daniel Harms and co make a new translation of Three Books of Occult Philosophy it can only be an improvement, The Book of Oberon is a fantastic anthology no Magician should be without. Why not take a whack at Agrippa in the near future?
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OTOH, there’s several errors that annoy me at the Sporking community, and that Peter Berresford Ellis was bullshiting people about Celtic Astronomy and Astrology. 
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 While I am not particularly interested in going into details about it, I do believe that the practice of Magick isn’t a public dickwaving contest, everyone should have the right to privately practice their Magick and Religion without their commitment to the disciplines being questioned. Just because people don’t post pics of their altars or stream their ceremonies doesn’t mean they aren’t real practicing Occultists-far from it. Indeed, not publicizing your work means it is more likely to succeed, not to mention its very common for people to have contractual obligations with spirits to not discuss or broadcast personal details of your interactions to the public.
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So I will have to get around to promoting my DW Indie Occultists group sooner rather than later. 


Dec. 17th, 2018 06:10 pm
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1. I like big cats and I cannot lie.

2. Goth with preferences towards Ethereal and Darkwave.

3. That Occult thing-I don’t bother with demons, at least yet, but I’m more obsessed with the Astrological side of Western Astrological traditions, particularly like what is in the Picatrix. And the occasional Folk Magick stuff. I still have yet to get around trying Chaos Magick but my takes will probably be mostly private, unless I want to start a Religion I guess.

4. If I ever get back into Academia I want to major in Biology so I can study the cute, fluffy animals. 

5. While I believe FanFic is a legit form of expression, I’m not obligated to read your work much less care about Fandoms in general.

6. I’m one of those bitter disabled people who thinks Liberals and Leftists need to focus less on accomadating Vegans and more time making it easier for people with medical conditions like allergies, Celiac, metabolic disorders in etc to live. Food Justice should serve people, not dietary ideologies.

7. Speaking of Magick, I don’t identify with the term Witch and believe it’s way overused.

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Oh hai! I’m just a lonely Occultist, but it’s mostly self imposed until January. Mediterranean Religions fascinate me because that’s part of how we got the Occult as we know it. My views on Victorian and post Victorian Magick is, well, complicated.

Ill add more later, hopefully.

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